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President’s Message

Welcome to Jilin University – Lambton College

Jilin University – Lambton College has gone from strength to strength over the last 13 years in the field of Sino-foreign educational cooperation. We have produced thousands of accomplished graduates, well-versed in their chosen majors and with a strong command of English, who are ready to take their place in the world in this globalized 21st century.

For students who arrive here, you will be making decisions on your own and you will have great freedom about how you live and Study, and in what kinds of friends you choose. All our students know that these decisions will determine their success in their programs, and how well they will be prepared for life beyond this school.

With greater freedom comes greater responsibility to your parents, your classmates, your professors, and to yourselves. We are well aware of the challenges that responsibility can bring, so we provide you with the help you need. Our Administration includes the best professors to be found anywhere in the world. Our class leaders assist new students with care. Our logistical staff maintains our University buildings and grounds so that you will enjoy campus life and sports activities. We are all committed to making your University years exciting and productive.

As I look forward to this academic year, I look back at our beginnings and I look forward to our future. Much has changed since 1999, when we were new, but already set firmly on the pursuit of excellence. Our small, but very special University, partnered with well-respected Universities and Colleges in Canada and America, has already achieved an enviable reputation in China and in the West. Our graduates have gone on to work in business and industry. Others have been accepted to some of the best Universities in the world; for example, in UK, America, Canada, Australia, France, Holland, Germany, and here at home in China. Alumni write to us years after graduation to tell of their placement in specialized work, their promotion to positions of responsibility and prestige, and of their high hopes for their future. They seized the opportunities they earned through their degrees, and they are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Having been established for over 13 years, we are comparatively new, but our values are old; excellence, learning for life, self-esteem, personal confidence, and respect for tradition. We are privileged to work with fine young people from all over China. I offer you a warm welcome to your University.

Shujia Li, Professor
Jilin University-Lambton College