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Our Unique Teaching System

JULC follows the curricula of our North American partner school; the medium of instruction is English. Students in our college Study in China while being exposed to foreign cultures, and so receive a well-rounded education as well as internationally recognized qualifications. Most of the international teachers come from North America or countries where English is spoken as a first language (the UK, Ireland, Australia etc.). All of the Chinese teachers are from Jilin University, and have Western educational experience.

Flexible Study mode

Our students can complete all their undergraduate studies in JULC or choose to transfer to our partner schools abroad and complete their Study there. Credit hours will be recognized by all the parties involved with JULC.

Well-rounded students

With our administration laying great emphasis on a high quality teaching standard, we have proudly produced a great number of well-rounded graduates, who have been exposed to different cultures and different teaching styles during their time here with us. Our teaching is based on our students’ individual competency, and our alumni make significant achievements as excellent students in further studies and in the professional world.

Globally recognized degrees

Our graduates leave us equipped with globally recognized degrees which serve them well in pursuit of further studies and in the job hunting market.

Multicultural learning experience


JULC offers a diverse and vibrant Study experience. Our students can Study a North American degree on a campus which combines the best of Chinese and Western cultures.