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Welcome To Our International Affairs Office
The JULC International Affairs Office provides a wide range of services and support for students, faculty, and overseas visitors. These services include providing assistance with the following: preparation of visa application documents for China, travel to, from, and within China, airport pick-up, residence permits, orientations, accommodations, and transfers to our North American partner schools.

Prospective Students 
Jilin University – Lambton College welcomes students from around the world to take part in our degree programs, participate in exchange programs, or transfer studies. We also offer an "International Summer Program" to all students.

A Unique Sino–North American Educational Cooperation Institute
A Bilingual Western–Style School
Jilin University – Lambton College values students and provides continuity of care not only during but also after their time here. There are more people here to help you than in almost any other university in China. In addition to the university administration (whose leaders oversee everything) and your professors (who are dedicated to your academic success), each class also has a Class Leader. This Class Leader will keep you up to date with news and developments, as well as changes and events. He or she will also let you know where you need to be at what time, and will direct to whenever you need help. You will also have teaching assistants (TAs) who speak both Chinese and English, and they will help you get the most of out of your classes and will ensure you complete assignments to the required standard.

When you arrive at Jilin University - Lambton College, we will help you to become familiar with your new surroundings. We will greet all incoming freshmen and introduce you to the facilities and activities available at JULC so that you can get around the campus comfortably. We will also go over your first-term schedule together, provide you with a student identification card, and answer any questions you have to ensure that you are able to begin your journey here with confidence.

As Jilin University - Lambton College is quite different from most other schools in China, we have developed a "Jilin University - Lambton College Orientation Workshop" called Work Smart. This event is designed and delivered by a senior professor, and its purpose is to help you to get used to the style of learning here, teach you the expectations your professors will have of you, and show you how to start thinking in a different way from what you may have been used to in a more traditional middle school.

At university, your Grade Point Average (GPA) is the measure of success determining the value and standard of your qualification. Your GPA is even more important if you decide to continue your studies and pursue a Master's Degree.

Western education does not prioritize memorizing a great deal from textbooks. Instead, we will help you to become curious, and to want to know more, in a system called inquiry–based, student centered learning. At JULC you will be presented with problems to solve. We will teach you how to approach and solve these problems using what we call academic "tools". One of the most useful tools is Critical Thinking.

Critical Thinking is an important, learned skill. You will learn how to present an argument, do research, ask key questions, and get sound results. You will work in teams when solving business problems, for example, an issue related to accounting. Team work allows students to participate and contribute to their groups and learn from their peers. When you take full advantage of this system, you will feel a sense of personal achievement and growth. This will help you both in school and also in the real world when you pursue a long-term career. With our educational method, you will also realize that asking questions in class is not only a GOOD thing, but an essential part of your learning strategy. It is often the case that if you yourself have a question, your classmates will also have the same one. By asking in class, both you and your classmates benefit and gain a better understanding of the topic at hand. 

Student Services
Thank you for considering Jilin University – Lambton College (JULC). We welcome students from all over the world. The more diverse our student community, the richer and more rewarding the educational experience will be for all. In a fast-changing world, where it is increasingly important to have a global outlook, an international education with an opportunity to study abroad will be an incredibly valuable asset on your CV.
All degree programs are taught in English to the same high standards as at our partner universities and colleges in North America. Upon successful completion of your coursework, you will graduate with a North American diploma in three years and then with a North American degree after an additional year of study (4 years total). Please see the full details of all our degree courses here. You'll also find more information about life on our vibrant campus. 

Contact information 
International Affairs Office
Tel: (+86) 431 – 85168619, 85168621
Office hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday