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Through a shared responsibility with the students, the academic staff at Jilin University – Lambton College helps students to realize the maximum educational benefit available to them and advise them on how to obtain the most from their undergraduate experience. This includes working with students on class issues such as course instruction, scheduling, course sequencing, grades, tutoring, conflicts, program selection, transfer credits, transcripts, graduation, and other related academic issues. The faculty and staff are committed to providing the highest quality education and service to our students. Academic Advisors (Class Leaders), faculty and Academic staff will advise students on all matters related to their program of Study and will aid students in the interpretation of policies when necessary. Academic advising is a process whereby students and their advisors are partners in ensuring student academic success, and outlining the steps for achievement of the students’ personal, academic and career goals. Students are free to approach any faculty member for advice on course content. The Academic Department and the Registrar’s Office also provide academic advice. Advising schedules are published each semester.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration BBA

Business Administration – General

The Management curriculum was created by its executive faculty, with advice from the professional business community.  The program aims to prepare students to thrive in a global economy by teaching them 50 percent more of the business basics, as compared to other four-year colleges. The College's approach to education teaches students about the free enterprise system as well as personal responsibility in a free market economy.

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Business Administration – Finance

The Finance major focuses on course work designed to place graduates in financial service industry careers. Specialty areas include: securities, banking, insurance, credit, trusts, taxes, and financial advising.

The program provides students with relevant and challenging course work needed to meet the high demands of business and industry. Highly qualified educators with successful business backgrounds present information from traditional text sources, business periodicals, and personal business experiences. This combination of learning resources creates an interesting and exciting classroom experience.

There is a wide range of rewarding job opportunities for finance majors. Students in this major have secured careers in financial sales, portfolio management, corporate finance, automotive finance and insurance, and many other related fields.


Business Administration - Automotive Industry Management

The Automotive Industry Management major focuses on the various aspects of automotive marketing including: dealership advertising, finance and insurance, budgeting and forecasting, parts and service, and used car management. A computer simulation, in which class members are challenged to rescue a troubled dealership, is completed during the final term.

In active cooperation with automobile firms, we continue to prepare students for interesting and challenging careers in all aspects of automobile distribution, sales, and service.

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Business Administration – Accounting

The Accounting major prepares students for the field of accounting and prepares students to sit the CPA examination, and to begin a career in public or corporate accounting.

An understanding of accounting is central to managing any financial related enterprise, and those who aspire to a successful business career must be well-grounded in accounting principles. Accounting is a worthwhile and challenging area of Study for students who are concerned with managerial decision making. Accounting is so much more than the mechanical manipulation of financial data to produce balance sheets and profit and loss statements.

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Business Administration – International Business

The International Business major focuses on the emerging global business environment. International courses include: trade, finance, law, marketing, management, culture, world geography, and comparative economic systems.

Crossing borders increases the complexity of business and, with the increasing impact of globalization, businesses require individuals who can work in and for international organizations. The International Business program is designed with the future global leaders in mind.

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The Marketing program focuses on the various aspects of the marketing function, including business-to- business marketing, marketing research, integrated marketing, and marketing management. Students develop a marketing plan as a capstone marketing project. Marketing program provides students with a strong foundation in essential business knowledge and expands employment opportunities with applied, creative marketing skills through the delivery of current curriculum.

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Business Administration – Hospitality Management

The Hotel Management degree focuses on the main components of the highly competitive service economy. Courses include: facilities engineering, food and beverage management, human resource management, and current hospitality industry issues. The program includes a career-related externship.

The mission of the Hotel Management program is to provide education, experience, and career preparation for tomorrow's hospitality executives. With specialized courses, Hospitality Management students receive a solid business management core and collegiate curriculum requirements as part of the delivery of a diverse education.

Measures of the Hospitality Management program's success are quality graduates. Graduates are prepared for a broad range of employment opportunities. Matched with current industry trends and technology, and an innovative environment, Hospitality Management graduates receive a fully rounded education that prepares them for a multifaceted Hospitality Management career.

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Management Information Systems

As information management becomes an increasingly critical resource for organizations, the need to train and educate technology leaders is growing accordingly. Jilin University – Lambton College's Management Information Systems program helps students learn the steps to collect, process, store, and use information. The program aims at training graduates with both technical and business-related knowledge. The faculty understands that effective systems analysis and design requires proficiency in state-of-the-art technologies as well as an understanding of accounting principles and management principles.

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Bachelor of Technology (BTech)

Telecommunications Engineering Technology

Electrical engineering is a fast-changing, diversified discipline concerned with the analysis, design and manufacture of a variety of devices, systems and processes involving electricity. It involves the transfer of electrical energy and information.

This program instructs students in circuit analysis, systems and signals, digital logic design, electronics, microprocessors, controls, electromagnetic power, and telecommunications, providing students with relevant hands–on laboratory work to ensure that you’re well prepared for the practical aspects of the global telecommunications system, and of electronic communications in general. Students will encompass a broad background in analog/digital electronics, software development, and modern communications. Students will benefit from a comprehensive investigation of such areas as electronic circuitry, diagnostic techniques, applied mathematics, process control, and computer systems/networks. In addition, students will Study advanced communication topics, including digital and data communications.

Graduates of this program may begin to pursue career opportunities in a variety of positions, such as electronics engineering technologist, electronics engineering assistant, engineering sales/service representative, computer systems technologist, technical consultant, telecommunications technician, communication systems installer, and field service representative, engineering technician, or research technician. They often work in diverse settings, from large high tech companies to small start up operations, power and telecommunications utilities, consulting firms and educational institutions.

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Software Engineering

The Computer Information Technology program is an intensive training program focusing on technical, business application, workplace, and career enhancement skills. The program creates a unique, stimulating learning environment in which students can safely master current workplace training requirements, resulting in a smooth transition from education to employment. Opportunities are provided to learn operating systems, business application development, and networking technologies. Emphasis is placed on the business applications of client/server technologies. Instructional methodology integrates discovery – learning techniques, real-life simulations and hands-on applications. Students apply their acquired knowledge and skills to industry-based cases, simulations and projects. Moreover, this program is designed to provide the skills required to work in the Web Developer field. The program offers students the opportunity to obtain a thorough understanding of web development techniques and practices and how they are applied in computerized environments.

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